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For a living mother the death of a child is extremely painful. Sometimes I ask, “Did you kill your child?” “Then why are you sorry?” So many things are happening in the world. This also has happened. It is the dead child whose memory teaches and glorifies the parents. Even a premature death is to enrich you. In any way it has happened and I do not wish that it should happen. Having occurred, what should you decide? Uddharet. We must get enriched by the development.

Imagine Arjuna’s misery even after having listened to the Gita. His dear son, Abhimanyu, was goaded by the paternal uncle, Yudhishthira, to enter the chakra-vyuha, where Abhimanyu was killed, fighting single-handed against many heroes of the Kaurava army. Think of Arjuna. Objectively he won the war but mentally it was a great loss. An endless stream of misery was in his mind. To resolve, transcend it, he had to undergo a lot of exercises, austerity. Don’t think that this world will always encircle you with favourable bounties. Extricate the mind from the customary conventional reactions arising from misery. Give it a spiritual kick. That spiritual dimension should be held before the mind and then you will find uddharet atmanaa atmaanam.

So the mind has got a strong potential to befriend you, also to hurt, torment you. Never complain any time that this world makes you like this. This world is made to make you the best. You maybe the worst, but from the worst level you are supposed to have a journey through the world to the best level.

Tell the mind: “Receive approval as also disapproval, approbation as well as the opposite.” Be prepared to be blamed and also praised as the society consists of both sections. Grow in the hands of both. Normally with praise, pride develops and then our growth is stunted. But here the capacity is different. You assimilate praise, never give an opportunity for pride to develop and you grow out of that. In the same way, assimilate blame and let your courage, determination and clear position be all the more strengthened.

He by whom the normal complex nature of the mind has been enriched, oriented; the negative forces have been replaced by the positive ones by such a man bandhuh atma aatmanastasya.. His mind will never put him to defeat. Whatever occurs, happens, his mind will befriend him in such a manner that he will be able to keep his composure. If control, moderation, enrichment and sublimation are not administered, the mind will become disorderly and behave in the customary, unruly manner and therefore turn your enemy. It lets you down. –  Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha [This is an extract from Poojya Swamiji’s book “Yoga of Meditation”]


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