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Yogavaasishtha Ramayana distinguishes itself in discussing the Self, showing how the Self, the luminous Consciousness alone ‘is’. The Self is so multi-splendoured and multi-potent that it can display anything. The success of the seeker lies in grasping this all-fold nature of the Self, thereby refusing to think of or perceive anything else. Though such an effort, when related to the object-world and its concrete nature, may be considered impossible, the fact is that by spiritual saadhana and introspection, the mind which causes the perception of objects, can be led to a state of Selfness or nondual-ness.

It may appear to be strange and inscrutable in the beginning. But if pursued assiduously, the impact of spiritual introspection will be more than tangible. Despite the prevalence of objects around, the consciousness will find all that to be its own display than otherwise. It is on this ground that Vaasishtha says that everywhere, on the earth, below it and in space, there is nothing but the singular Self alone.

By the realization of such a singular Self, the ‘mindness’ based on object-plurality will be dissolved, and Selfness alone will shine. This is actually a culture and refinement based solely on Consciousness.

As dream world and dream objects prevail in the mind, so too the wakeful world and its objects. By the mind’s deliberations alone objective existence comes to be. The world, an object before the mind, has no ground at all other than the mind. Every note of plurality or duality is mind-born, mind-sustaining and will also be dissolved by the mind. This is the crux of spiritual philosophy.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[An extract from Poojya Swamiji’s series of articles titled ‘Science of Inner Redemption’, published in the monthly journal Vicharasethu.]


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