Emotional Slumps

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Everybody falls into negative slumps at one time or another when they deny the God principle within themselves, when they deny their knowing power, absolutely, deliberately deny it, by allowing their thinking principle–what they themselves think as a little ego–to take hold and cancel off, just like an eraser on the blackboard of life, the soul’s attempts to express itself.
For example, you are going along fine, just wonderful, you are feeling great, and a little opportunity to serve comes up and you miss it. You know you should, but you don’t think it is quite the time, when it would be just as easy to fulfill whatever you know you should fulfill. But you think, “Well, this isn’t exactly the best time for me.” You have very good reasons to say no, excellent reasons, because the thinking mind is always filled with excellent reasons. They are wonderful for the time, but they wear out. That is why we don’t exercise our memory and remember all the reasons we had for our actions.
If I asked why did you do this and that and those unseemly actions, you might say, “Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I had a very good reason at the time, but I can’t recall it just now.” You don’t want to remember the reason, because you know it was only an excuse sufficient for a time. Yet the action remains, along with the reason, which was a weak one, vibrating in the subconscious mind. If you accumulate two or three such incidents, pretty soon you fall into a negative slump, where you don’t feel like doing anything and nothing seems to make sense to you in the spiritual world or any other world. You just drag along and say, “Oh my, the burdens of life are getting pretty heavy.” Eventually that condition wears out, too, and you swing back and get a little light in you. That is why people turn to stimulants, excesses of chocolate, sugary yum-yums (the junk food business makes millions on the negative slumpers) and various innervating beverages, such as coffee and soft drinks, to pep up the physical body. But the body can take only so much of these negative slumps before it reacts and, in its reaction, becomes unhealthy. Finally it succumbs to disease; it is not at ease within itself because the subconscious mind is not at ease.
When you refrain from denying that soul source within you and fulfill what you know you should do, then you are filled and thrilled with life force. Your soul is shining out in the material plane. You don’t go into negative slumps. You become like the people who don’t just get up to do things, they jump up and are happy to do anything they have an opportunity to do. But deny your knowing principle, and it becomes an effort to do anything–even an effort to remember how you should respond and what you should do.
Many people know they should do certain things to help out, to help their families, their relatives and friends. But as the weeks go by, what they know they forget, because they really didn’t want to do it in the first place. They didn’t think they had time; they didn’t think they could help; they didn’t think they could afford it. They have so many limitations. They put their poor old soul into a cage. Excuse me, I am going to rephrase that. They put their poor young soul into a cage, because old souls manifest consideration. Young souls are just learning how. And this poor young soul climbs right into this little cage and sits, like a newborn baby, waiting for the subconscious mind–which has been filled with negative activity, negative thoughts and a negative approach to life–to unwind itself. But the soul within has to first watch itself wind up–and it winds up through the many lives, with all its negative creations, all of its thinking versus knowing, and thinking winning out every time. Then it has to unwind, and when it does unwind, pretty soon knowing gets stronger than thinking. Then we notice a spiritual unfoldment. Then we know that observation is taking hold.
Do you know how I can tell when someone is spiritually unfolding? When I suggest something, and he takes me up on the suggestion and observes and thinks of the next step before I think of it, I know that he is spiritually unfolding, because through his observation he is producing knowing, and through his knowing he is being considerate of his fellow man, just as he expects everyone to be considerate of him. – Sathguru Sivaya Subramuniya Swami,from: Living with siva


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