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Mantra yoga is a great science. “Manana trayate iti mantrah” – “By manana (constant thinking or recollection) one is protected or released from the round of birth and death – that is mantra”. That is called mantra, by meditating on which the jiva or soul attains freedom from sin, enjoyment in heaven and final liberation. And, by its aid it attains in full the fourfold fruit (caturvarga) i.e., dharma, artha, kama and moksa (virtue, wealth, pleasure and liberation).

A mantra is so called because it is achieved by the mental process. The root `man’ in the word mantra means `to think’. And `tra’ comes from `trai’ meaning to protect or to free from the bondage of samsara or the phenomenal world. By the combination of `man’ and `tra’ comes mantra which calls forth the four aims of being – caturvarga.

A mantra is divinity. It is divine power manifesting in a sound body. The mantra itself is the devata (deity). The aspirant should try his level best to realise his unity with the mantra of the divinity. To the extent he does so, the mantra-power supplements his worship- power. Just as a flame is strengthened by winds, so also the aspirant’s individual sakti (power) is strengthened by mantra sakti. Then the individual sakti joins with the mantra sakti to make it more powerful.

The mantra is awakened from its sleep through the sadhana-sakti (worship power) of the aspirant. The mantra is a mass of radiant energy.

Even to visualise the Lord in meditation just once, to utter the divine name of the Lord, with love, even a single time, has surely got a tremendous, transforming influence upon the soul. You are free here and now. Only you are not aware of it, through the force of maya (or ignorance).

This Atman is peace. Realise this peace that passeth all understanding and be free for ever. Peace is thy birthright. Peace is thy real, essential nature. Peace is Brahman. Peace and Brahman are one. – Swami Sivananda


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