Tapping into Our Intuition

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When you are totally awake, this shift happens: from the [brain’s] left hemisphere the energy moves to the right hemisphere. Whenever you are alert, you become intuitive; flashes come to you, flashes from the unknown, out of the blue. You may not follow them, but then you will miss much.

In fact all the great discoveries in science come from the right hemisphere also, not from the left.

You must have heard about Madam Curie, the only woman who got a Nobel Prize…She had been working hard for three years on a certain mathematical problem but could not solve it. She worked hard. argued from this way and that, but there was no way. One night. tired. exhausted. she fell asleep, and while she was falling asleep then too she was trying to solve the problem. In the night she awoke. walked, wrote the answer on some paper, came back to bed and went to sleep.

In the morning she found the answer there on the table but she could not believe who had done it…From where had this answer come? It could not be from the left hemisphere; the left had been working hard for three years. And there was no process on the paper, just the conclusion. If it had come from the left there would have been a process, it goes step by step. But this was like a flash…the same kind of flash that had happened to the boy in the chest. The left hemisphere, tired, exhausted, helpless, sought the help of the right hemisphere.

Whenever you are in such a corner that your logic fails, don’t be desperate, don’t become hopeless. Those moments may prove the greatest blessings in your life: those are the moments that the left allows the right to have its way. Then the feminine part, the receptive part. gives you an idea. If you follow it. many doors will be opened. But it is possible you may miss it; you may say. ‘What nonsense!’

The whole art is how to function from the feminine part of the mind. because the feminine is joined with the whole and the male is not joined with the whole.

The male is aggressive, the male is constantly in struggle — the feminine is constantly in surrender, in deep trust. Hence the feminine body is so beautiful, so round. There is a deep trust and a deep harmony with nature.

A woman lives in deep surrender; a man is constantly fighting, angry, doing this and that, trying to prove something, trying to reach somewhere. A woman is happy, not trying to reach anywhere. Ask women if they would like to go to the moon. They will simply be amazed. “For what? What is the point? Why take such trouble? The home is perfectly good.” The woman is not interested in what is happening in Vietnam and what is happening in Korea and what is happening in Israel She is at the most interested in what is happening in the neighborhood, at the most interested in who has fallen in love with whom, who has escaped with whom – in gossips not in politics. She is more interested in the immediate, the herenow. That gives her a harmony, a grace. Man is constantly trying to prove something, and if you want to prove of course you have to fight and compete and accumulate.

You miss much in your life because the head goes on talking; it does not allow.

And the only quality in the head is that it is more articulate, cunning, dangerous, violent. Because of its violence it has become the leader inside, and that inside leadership has become an outside leadership for man. Man has dominated women in the outside world also – the grace is dominated by violence.

The male mind is a trouble-making phenomenon; hence it overpowers, it dominates. But deep down. although you may attain power, you miss life — and deep down, the feminine mind continues.

Unless you fall back to the feminine and you surrender. unless your resistance and struggle become surrender. you will not know what real life, and the celebration of it, is.
Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines, Talk #1
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