Value Enrichment

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Spiritual seeking presupposes the strength and depth arising from inculcating values, which aim at enlightening the intelligence and enriching the mind, thereby refining behaviour and interaction. In any value pursuit, the intelligence, mind and senses have to act together in a harmonious collaboration. It is such integration that takes the seeker to further heights of inner refinement and elevation.

Imbibing values implies elimination of the undesirable traits and incorporation of the desirable ones. The practices, habits and tendencies to be safeguarded against are set forth in this verse. By coming to know of these, one finds enough enlightenment, which must act as compulsion to abide by or adhere to the instructions. From the intelligence, the effects should percolate to the mind and permeate to the senses. Only when all the three levels begin to function in unison, does value become an enrichment.

Value enrichment is what makes any society strong and sustainable. Neglect of values will cause the downfall of even an entire civilization. – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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