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[Poojya Swamiji’s correspondence with a seeker]

Spiritual saadhana, with its initial and subsequent notes of varying depths and refinement, is a ceaseless pursuit. It always provides the scope and charm to remain so. Otherwise, our life would prove stale, obliging one and all to become some sort of addicts, having nothing to do, think or gain. So, carry on with the saadhana.

For an initiated disciple, saadhana is the first and the last refuge. Give yourself wholeheartedly to the saadhana and let everything that should exit from your personality find its way out, and all that has to enter you come to you without fail. This twin process of elimination and incorporation is not a day’s or week’s or month’s job. Human personality is the most complex. So, this rebuilding, reformation will take time. But, you need not wait for its completion for going ahead with your pursuit. The two will run parallel.

To facilitate this, you should remain enfolded by the saadhana – in the anusandhaana I have given you. It will bring about all the unwinding in the personality by itself, provided your dependence on it is wholesome. Then the new winding will also follow. It is interesting to watch the process. All merits are built and grown inwardly, by a process of psychic infusion. There may be slips, errors, drawbacks, pitfalls and also merits, credits and achievements. All are part of the same process of growth and expansion. Be confident.

Do not think or feel that the growth you envisage is or will have to be in any particular way. It can be in some way, which will be known only from time to time. Here are the ultimate watchwords:

You will always get what you rightly deserve.

Every moment, you are irresistibly being driven to fulfillment. – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha [This is an extract from a correspondence which was published in the Nov 2003 issue of Vicharasetu]


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