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Life is complex nowadays. The struggle is very keen.
Here is an easy way of worshipping the Lord.

Consider your house as the temple of the Lord,
Your wife and children and others as the holy company of the bhaktas (devotees).
Consider every word you speak as the japa (repetition) of the Lord’s name and as praise of him.
Consider every action as service of the Lord;
And your lying in bed as prostrations before the Lord,
And your daily walk and moving about as perambulations of the Lord.
Consider the lights you burn in the evening as the waving of lights to the Lord.
Consider sleep as samadhi (super-conscious state).
Give food and drink as offering to the Lord, then take it as his prasad (gift).

This is an easy way to worship the Lord.

“How shall I wash thy feet with holy water, O Lord, when the very Ganges flows from thy feet?
How shall I give thee a seat, O Lord?
Thou art all pervading!
How shall I wave lights for thee O Lord?
The sun and the moon are thy eyes:
Shall I offer flowers to thee?
Thou art the very essence of the flowers.”
This attitude is called para puja (highest worship).

Feel the presence of the Lord everywhere.

He dwells in the chambers of your heart too.
He glitters in your eyes.
He is the breath in your nostrils.
He is nearer to you than your jugular vein.
Behold Him in every face.
You will attain happiness here and hereafter if you worship God in this way. Life is short and time is fleeting.
Start doing this right now.


Why should you roam hither and thither to find God, the supreme being? Why should you go in vain to the forests? Why? Even as in the flower, fragrance resides, even as in the fire, heat dwells – even so doth the Lord abide. Seek Him within, my friend. Seek Him earnestly too.
– Swami Sivananda


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