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When you see an object through the eyes, are the eyes seeing or do the eyes merely help in seeing? Where is this experience of seeing taking place? Where are the experiences stored? My dear souls, interactions and perceptions proceed from the mind, they subsist on the mind, and they finally terminate in the mind. So where is the focus and fulcrum of your life, my dear listeners? Is it not your mind? Are you conscious of this? Are you aware of it?
One thing is certain. There is definitely a need to study the mind. Normally, during the course of our education in the schools and colleges, this topic of mind is not explained. Many of you are parents. Have you ever told your children: “My dear boy, you are not the body. Your mind is immensely potent and great! Love your mind. Enrich it and beautify it!” Quite possibly, you have never spoken to your children about mind.
Why? Because, you yourselves have not made mind the focus of your life. This evaluation you have not taken up. With respect to the world and our interactions with it, what should be our assessment? Sri Krishna says (Bhagavadgeeta 3.42)
“Senses are superior to the objects around. Mind reigns above the senses. And intelligence is still superior. But the Soul is still loftier. (It is the real identity of man.)”
Krishna tells Arjuna that however great, imposing and huge the world may be, the senses are superior to the objects. With the small sensory organs, eyes, you can see a huge mountain. Who tells you that it is a mountain and it is huge? Whenever you interact with the world, or whenever you perceive the world, does the world perceive you? You are walking on the earth. You know that you are standing on it. But does the earth know that you are standing on it? When you see the sun rising in the morning, does the sun know that you are seeing it?
To employ the senses or not to employ them is your freedom and will. The senses by themselves cannot operate. Mind should command them to do so. Secondly, to see or not to see does not depend on the object. It depends upon you, the Subject. So, which is superior here? Are the senses superior to the objects or are the objects superior? Then, what about the mind which alone commands the senses? That mind is superior to the senses.
Let us go further in this line of thought. Krishna says: the intelligence is even superior to the mind. How? It can guide and influence the mind. A wrong thought can be identified and replaced by a good thought. In fact, all our discrimination is with regard to mind’s feelings, responses and reactions. With this knowledge, how should we now look at the world and the various worldly phenomena? What should be our attitude, our response? What should be our aim?
Understand that all these are the thoughts and evaluations of our intelligence. So the intelligence is the one to show the direction to the mind. Still superior to the intelligence is the Soul that you refer to as ‘I’.
It means you, the seer, are the most superior. But is this your assessment? I have heard people reporting: “Swamiji, we house-holders are insignificant creatures. I am a small man. I am nothing compared to the world.” This is what everybody says. It is not so. Everything in you is superior to the world. You are the master of your life. Be not a slave to the world. This is the proclamation of spiritual wisdom. – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[Excerpts from Poojya Swamiji’s discourse given in Bangalore in Nov 2010. This appeared in the Sep 2011 issue of the monthly journal VICHARASETHU.]


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