Heightened Sensitivity

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People are worried about the world’s coming to an end. Every
now and then a religious sect proclaims the new coming of the end of the world.
But although the Earth as we know it continues its steady progress around the
Sun, the conscious mind for thousands of people has come to an end, for the
simple reason that they are no longer interested in it. For them, the world of
inner sounds and colors has opened its far more attractive fare. But the job of
sustaining and maintaining expanded awareness is not accomplished by losing the
controls over one’s powers of awareness. The actinic world is only attained and
sustained by initiating definite controls over the odic world. One state of
consciousness is controlled in the process of awareness moving and expanding into
another state.
As we progress along the path, we become more and more and
more sensitive. This sensitivity is a wonderful thing. It’s like graduating
from being an old battery-set radio of the 1920s and ’30s to a sophisticated,
solid-state television. This sensitivity that you will begin to recognize is so
refined and yet so strong. You communicate with yourself through the nerve
currents which extend out, around and through the physical body-physical nerve
currents as well as psychic nerve currents. Before we get deeply within on the
path, we’re not too sensitive. But as this sensitivity develops, we begin to
see through our hands. We begin to hear feeling. We begin to see sound, and all
sorts of new faculties manifest.
Now, this can be very distressing, because we see things
that we ordinarily would not be able to see. We hear meaning in what people say
that ordinarily we would be unaware of, and we can become very disappointed in
life, in people or in ourselves. This may seem like falling into a bog on the
path, and we don’t want to do this. We want to be sensitive, and yet we want
protection, psychic protection. Our dreams become more well defined, but we
don’t want to be vulnerable to negative areas of the mind, disruptive areas,
experiential areas of the astral plane while we are sleeping. Neither do we
wish to be attacked on the astral plane by the mischievous beings, entities
that are on that particular side of life.
We need this astral protection. We need this psychic
protection. The group helps the individual and the individual helps the group.
The force field of a group of people on the path goes along at a certain rate
of intensity which is not broken, and this gives us tremendous psychic
protection. In the very same way, a positive group of people only admit into
their midst other positive people. A group of businessmen have a well-managed
force field, and generally only a businessman of their same caliber can come
and mix with them. A group of artists has a force field, and only artists of
the same caliber can get into it. Why? If they let everybody in, they wouldn’t
have a force field. The business would fail. The art would go into chaos.
Friendships would be destroyed because of other influences coming in and
amongst the people.
Force fields protect and sustain not only our outer forms of
expression, but deep spiritual layers as well. When we go “out” into
superconsciousness, if we are sensitive and unable to protect our subconscious
mind, all sorts of other types of influences can enter. We don’t want this to
happen, and it’s not necessary. It is a deterrent on the path, for we then are
exposed to unseemly astral influences that detract us from our quest.
Make friends with those who are on the path. Be with fine,
positive people. Don’t be with negative, complaining people who have no
relationship to what you are doing on the inside or who are criticizing you for
what you are doing. There’s the old statement, “One bad apple can turn the
whole bushel rotten.” Maybe that will be reversed in the New Age; a lot of
things are changing in the New Age. Maybe at some time a whole bag of good
apples will make a bad apple good, but so far it hasn’t occurred. Until such a
time, we have to be wary of a natural law of nature and live among others of virtuous
character and conduct, others who share spiritual insights and seeking.
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