A State of Harmony

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Whether it is devotion, action or knowledge, the whole
outcome is determined by the attitude and choice of the individual’s own mind
and intelligence. One can look at the world of objects; look far and wide, to
glimpse the endless space and its contents. He can marvel at how the vast
endlessness reigns. To perceive the huge visible variety, one’s body has to
circumscribe his mind and intelligence, making him distinct from all the rest.
Only then the perception and interaction with the visibles will be facilitated.
At first sight, one will feel himself small, and the
surrounding objects huge. With the idea of big and small arises one set of
dvandvas. The dvandva perception grows in number, variety and dimension, making
the individual feel humility, fondness and loyalty to the whole display. A note
of confident intimacy, friendship and closeness constitutes this devotional
note. It leads him to develop a sense of belonging to the whole. This becomes
delightful, enlightening, expanding and elevating to the mind and intelligence.
The entire play of life becomes a mere occasion for this kind of mental and
intelligential ascent and growth.
All conflicts subside. Full freedom born of oneness,
inseparability, wholeness and supremeness reigns and begins to work subtly. It
is a wonderful state of inner beauty, charm, harmony and integration.
However, under the influence of ignorance and delusion, the
whole variety, instead of remaining a beautiful and discerning help and
facilitator to perceive the Supreme, suddenly slips into a plight, where the
undiscerning minds and intellects fall a victim to unhealthy and even damaging
notions, outlook and advances. But, mind you, in all this, the Supreme remains
the same singular, all-enfolding whole.
There is no effort or intention on the part of the Supreme to mar the
fulfilling variety. But the players and participants themselves work all the
havoc-making variety and differences!
In spite of such gruesome differential plight, there is full
scope for every one who slips, errs or deflects, to set himself right and
restore his position as a sportful constituent and complement of the whole.
The Supreme reigns equally in all beings. No one is
particularly hateful or dear to the Supreme.
Nevertheless, those who remain devoted heartily to the Supreme, will be
in the Supreme, and the Supreme too will be in them. Their minds will abide in
the Supreme and the Supreme will abide in them too. (Bhagavadgeeta 9.29)
–  Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[Published in the January 2003 issue of the Monthly Journal,
(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2009
http://www.brahmavi dya.org


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