Undesirable Influences

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Being on the path is a marvelous thing, but it is a path.
There are jungles on either side, and if we wander off into the jungle, taking
too many liberties, continuity of the vibration of our unfoldment will begin to
wane. Suppose you are meditating regularly in the morning and at night, day
after day. Perhaps they’re not long meditations, but they are regular. You are
generating a certain vibration out of it. If you then stop that routine and
take your awareness into feeling sorry for yourself or mentally arguing with a
friend, you lose the subtle thread of super consciousness. You’re going through
an old, old pattern and it will be difficult to get back into the vibration of
meditation. Your dreams at night may become nightmares. Your circle of friends
may change. This is called, in a sense, spinning out into a different area of
the mind. If you have not yet experienced this yet, it’s not a recommended
experience on the path. And if you have experienced it, you know what I am
talking about, and you know the importance of protecting yourself and your
meditations. Psychic protection, to sensitive people, is extremely important.
It involves every detail of life–your home, friends, clothes, diet, even your
dreams. You should live in places that are clean, very clean. Paint your place.
Assure yourself that the inner atmosphere is clean and unpolluted.

We have an outer atmosphere and we have and inner
atmosphere. The inner atmosphere can become polluted, too, just like the outer
atmosphere can. All sorts of influences from the astral plane can come in on
the inner atmosphere, and this we don’t want. We want the inner flow of the
inner atmosphere, which is within this atmosphere of air and ether, to be
absolutely peaceful and sublime. How is this done? By keeping your house, your
meditation room, as clean as possible. By entertaining few guests and then only
people of the same caliber and nature. Guests should not stay more than three
nights. Why? Because otherwise they bring too much distraction, too many other
influences into the home. Finally, the whole atmosphere may be disrupted. Many
families have broken up and lost their home, and children have gone homeless,
simply because guests have stayed too long and worked into the inner atmosphere
and brought in too many influences of a distracting and disturbing nature. This
is an old, old traditional custom of hospitality that dates back many thousands
of years, and these old customs are based on sound judgment. If they are
understood and followed, they assure and protect our contemplative life.

Keep your environment positive, so that the inner feeling is
always content. Keep your home shrine or meditation space radiant, so that the
inner feeling there is always uplifting. As you advance along the path, the
radio mechanism will become highly tuned, very positive. Being positive, it
will register all types of influences. Influences that are distasteful to you
will come through as strongly as influences that are really magnificent. You
have to learn to shield out the static by finely tuning this mechanism. That is
why you strive for mastery of sadhana, mastery of concentration, your ability
to hold awareness where you want it, when you want it for as long as you want
it, and mastery of your ability to experience kaef, pure awareness aware only
of itself, by taking awareness out of the entire context into just being aware.
This practice of kaef is one of the fundamental protectors from psychic or
astral invasion, for when you are in that state, great clarity and willpower persist
and the lower states are transcended.

To attain and sustain kaef is a simple practice. You pull
awareness out of the thought processes. You pull awareness out of the emotion
processes. You pull awareness out of the bodily processes, and you’re just
completely on that pinnacle of being aware of being aware. That’s so necessary
to practice every day, even if you do it for a split second.

The experience of kaef can be attained by anyone on the face
of the Earth, at least for a split second, because it’s so easy to be aware of
being aware. To hold that experience and to stabilize the physical and
emotional elements long enough to hold that intensity for even a minute takes
more practice–not too much, but consistent practice. To maintain kaef for two
minutes requires more effort, more will, more dedication to the life of
sadhana. Five minutes requires more. That’s the test.

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