Developing Burning Aspiration

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Yesterday N asked how to have burning aspiration for doing something or for achieving a certain goal. I told him whatever thoughts came to my mind at that time. But his inquiry has been lingering in my mind.
My dear boy, this is the way you develop aspiration – the way I am reacting to what you said. What do I mean by that? You raised some question. I found the point was quite important. I spoke something on it but I have not left the subject.
In fact, the question as such – of burning aspiration for achieving the goal – does not concern me now. Nevertheless, my thoughts are very much on what you asked, and what should be my response. This is how you develop aspiration.
Whenever you are exposed to a new value, a new proposition, a new goal or a new achievement and the scope for it, the mind should react to it, nurture it with love and concern. The response should be deep, intense and wholesome.
It is through audiovisual interaction that we primarily obtain knowledge. This is called exposure. Either through books or through spoken words you are constantly getting exposure. You try to absorb whenever you find there something interesting.
This is the first phase. Whenever something comes to us in the form of exposure you must be able to receive it with attention and fondness. This keen receptivity is very important.
Then, you have to ruminate over it, reflect over it, understand and assimilate it. This is the second phase. I can provide an exposure, but you may forget it soon. To make the knowledge your own, you have to think independently applying your intelligence and power of reasoning. When the ideas become clear and they are available to you from your own stock, then you can say, “I have assimilated the information; the knowledge is mine”. I will not be wrong if I say that whatever you have learnt and whatever you know are not physical but mental, intelligential and emotional attainments.
As food, after digestion, becomes part of your system, the knowledge after assimilation becomes part of your being. Like salinity of salt, whiteness of milk, sweetness of honey, liquidity or fluidity of water, it becomes an inseparable part of your nature.
The third phase is expression. After assimilation you start expressing what you have acquired. I think this is the way of growth and development in any walk of life. From many subjects of study you go to a few subjects, and then you go to a single. That final subject or combination of subjects becomes your specific field of learning. You become an expert in it. Knowledge and study is a process of elimination of all that is subsidiary and focussing on whatever is central, the core.
If you want to have a burning aspiration, you should think about the intense pursuit necessary for achievement. “Do I have it? If I don’t have it, then how to have it? I must have it.” These must occupy your mind constantly. Then you start developing that quality and expressing it, in your words, in your thoughts, in your actions and in your association. Read books on those people who had burning aspiration. Try to know more about how they went about it. Choose such friends who are given to commitment and integrity.
A girl in Bombay was not performing well in studies. After she spoke to me and I advised her, she said, “Swamiji, I have changed my friends. All of my friends are studying well. So, I also have begun to study well.” She came second in the University College in Bombay. This is how you have to proceed. – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha  [This is an extract of the Prabhata-rashmih talk by Poojya Swamiji appearing in the July 2001 issue of the Monthly Journal Vicharasethu.]


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