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Behold the Lord’s grace in every inch of his creation. On a hot summer day you enjoy the delicious sweet juice of grapes, cucumber, oranges and pomegranates and the cool Ganges water of Rishikesh and Hardwar. This is the Lord’s grace. When you suffer from a serious ailment you get immediate relief and cure from herbs – this is the Lord’s grace. When you walk in the dark night, the stars twinkle and throw light on your path – this is the Lord’s grace. When you are unable to bear extreme pain you become unconscious – this is the Lord’s grace. When the weather is sultry, a gentle breeze springs up and refreshes you – this is the Lord’s grace.

The subtle forms of lust, anger, egoism, pride, etc., can only be totally destroyed through the grace of the Lord. However hard you may strive and do sadhana (spiritual practice), these subtle forms cannot be eradicated through your sadhana alone. Only the Lord’s grace completely purifies your heart.

It is the Lord’s grace only that stirs the aspirants to do right exertion. But do not sit idle and say: “Oh the Lord’s grace will do everything for me, why should I do sadhana?” This is wrong philosophy. God helps those who help themselves. God’s grace will only descend on those persons who exert themselves. You cannot expect the Lord to do self-surrender for you. Be up and doing. Strive. Plod. Persevere. The Lord will shower his grace upon you.

It is the grace of the Lord that gives rise to sincere satsankalpa (good and true thoughts and pure resolves). You can be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. One moment you may be groping in the darkness, the next moment you can attain illumination.

There is an ignition point of the soul. When it is connected, man is transformed. His life is turned from its former worldly ways into a new divine life. He is awakened spiritually.

This serenity will deepen into unshakeable peace amidst all the troubles and difficulties of life. Then only insight and intuition will dawn. Then only you will attain wisdom, perfection and freedom. – Swami Sivananda


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