Sensitivity and The Third Eye

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When you meditate, you become inwardly strong. You become
extremely sensitive, and sensitivity is strength. But if you are not
psychologically adjusted to the things you may be hearing and seeing and the
depth to which you might see, you might see things that will be disturbing to
you, that will upset your nerve system. Now, it is true that if you are
centered in yourself completely enough to be all spine and just a being of
energy, you can go anyplace in any type of environment, inside or outside, and
the environment would be better for your having been there. You would not
absorb any of the distracting or negative vibrations. But until that day comes,
it is better to be wise and live in a positive vibration and among people who
can help stabilize the force field around you, so that your inner life goes on
without interruptions–of spinning out, having to crawl back, and spinning out
and then having to crawl back. Why go through all those frustrating experiences
which are inconvenient, time consuming and totally unnecessary?

Part of the psychic pitfall is the belief that in order to
be spiritually awakened, one must also be psychically awakened, seeing auras,
visions, hearing celestial music and such. We do not have to awaken the third
eye. To me, that is a translation error made in the old scriptures. This third
eye has never been asleep. It’s always awake. We are not aware, however, of the
visual mechanism of the third eye. The artist doesn’t have to learn to see to
distinguish hundreds of shades of color in a painting. He has only to learn how
to be aware of his ability to see hundreds of different shades within a
painting. The untrained eye cannot see such subtle variation of tones and hues,
but just looks at the painting.

It is the same with the third eye. It doesn’t have to be
awakened. It’s always awake. As we become more and more sensitive, the third
eye becomes more and more apparent to us, because we keenly observe through
that faculty more than we did before.

If you are standing on a crowded bus and another passenger
is just about to crash down on your foot with his foot, you will intuitively
move it out of the way. You have often noticed that you moved your foot or some
other part of your body out of the way of danger just in time. Well, your third
eye wasn’t asleep then, and you didn’t see that foot coming down on you with
your physical eyes. You saw it with your third eye.

We use this third eye all the time. When someone greets you
who is apparently looking fine and you sense otherwise, thinking, “I feel
he’s disturbed. I wonder what’s wrong,” you’re seeing his inner condition
with your third eye. When you walk up to someone’s house and you have the
feeling that nobody is home because you don’t feel vibrations coming from the
house, you’re seeing this with your third eye. We see and respond to things
seen with the third eye every day, whether we are fully conscious of it or not.
The third eye does not have to be awakened. In fact, it is
harmful to consciously make efforts to see things psychically–a big sidetrack
on the eternal path. We become sensitive to the use of it by using it, going
along with our natural meditational practices in a regular way, morning and
night, morning and night, when you awaken in the morning and just before you go
to sleep at night. All sorts of wonderful things come to you. Protect yourself
as you protect a precious jewel. Guard your awareness from coarse influences
and you will enjoy the bliss of the natural state of the mind–pure, clear and
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