Training from A Satguru

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Several thousand years ago, a yoga master was born from his
own realization of the Self. He was born from his search within, where he found
Absolute Existence deep inside the atomic structure of his being. This master’s
realization came as he controlled the mind and penetrated through it to the
very core of its substance. After Self Realization, his mind opened into its
fullness of knowing. This knowledge he then imparted, as needed, to the
students who came to him curious or eager to solve the philosophical and
metaphysical puzzles of life. The first esoteric universities formed around the
master in this way. Other masters have since come and gone. Each in turn
battled and conquered the fluctuating mind and penetrated into the depth of
being. Students gathered around them in a most natural sequence of events. Each
master brought forth from his intuition the related laws and disciplines needed
so that they, too, might attain Self Realization, emkaef, as it is called in
Shum, the language of meditation.
This is known as the guru system of training. It is personal
and direct. An advanced devotee is one whose intuition is in absolute harmony
with that of his master. This is the way I teach, not in the beginning stages
when my devotees are probing the subject matter for answers, but after they
have conquered the fluctuation of the patterns of the thinking mind. When they
reach an advanced level of control and rapport with me, they have become
shishya, dedicated their lives to serving mankind by imparting the teachings of
Advaita Ishvaravada–the nondualistic philosophy of the Vedas, the basic tenet
of which is that man merges into God.
Advice can be given freely, but unless the seeker is
dedicated to the path of Eternal Truth, it is taken only on the intellectual
plane and quoted but rarely used. Therefore, the wise guru gives
challenges–spiritual assignments known as sadhana–advice, spiritual direction
and guidance merge with the aspirant’s own individual will. This causes daily,
recognizable results from actions taken to produce accomplishment physically,
emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Each seeker sets his own pace
according to his character, his ability to act with care, forethought,
consistency and persistence in the sadhana given to him by his guru.
There are five states of mind. Each one interacts somewhat
with the other. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind work closely
together, as does the sub of the subconscious with the subconscious, and the
subconscious with the subsuperconscious. The superconscious is the most
independent of them all. Being the mind of light, when one is in a
superconscious state, seeing inner light is a constant experience of daily
life. To attain states of this depth and still function creatively in the world,
a solid training under a guru is requisite.
The power to meditate comes from the grace of the guru. The
guru consciously introduces his student into meditation by stimulating certain
superconscious currents within him. The grace of the guru is sought for by the
yogis and is well understood by them. – Lesson
302 from Merging with Siva by Satguru sivaya Subramuniya Swami


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