Reliance on the Supreme

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” In all the complexity of the world, the only redress
and assurance will be to remain tied to the Supreme, from which has emerged the
world and all that it brings. When our life is confronted or assailed in any
way by the world around, the solution and remedy must be from the same source
and foundation, the inner power and presence from which evolved our bodily life
and living. And the sure way to access this inner solution is to keep oneself
integrated with the might and majesty of the Supreme. This is what Krishna
emphasizes in the Bhagavadgeeta.
Do devotion and its pursuit depend upon an external God and
His favour? As material laws govern the
outcome of any effort in the material world, so too the sentient spiritual laws
govern the working and outcome of the mind and intelligence.
The mind has to cultivate reliance on the Divine. With the
help of intelligence, properly exposed and refined, this reliance has to become
exclusive and wholesome. As a result,
when the mind begins to feel a full sense of identity with Godliness and what
it represents, the right devotional fruition takes place. Assiduous rumination
over what is aimed at, will alone lead the mind to fulfillment. It is the unfailing law operating in the
mental world. “ – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha : (c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2009:


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