Saadhana is not mere Textual Study

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Scriptural exposure is good, desirable and effective too. But all the scriptural studies will still be in vain, unless their reader becomes a saadhaka or saadhika and takes up saadhana, the actual pursuit. What is that saadhana? It is a simple mind-process, resting upon your mind and what all it contains and represents.
Mind means thoughts, feelings, attitudes and aims. Can you not focus on these four, and make them purer, better, loftier and ultimate? You can. All that is needed is proper examination and evaluation. What if your work rules out your taking up classes? What if you do not have time to read as you desire?
Saadhana does not mean you should attend classes or read scriptural texts. Do you mean to say that all tapasvins who go and live in the mountains attend classes, read and write? When I myself took up the saadhana, I did saadhana and that alone. Reading came much later, as a secondary development. So these classes should not bother you at all.
Take the Bhagavadgeeta, open any chapter and read one or two verses. Reflect upon their message. That is sufficient. Seek none. Do it yourself. Ultimately, the message of Bhagavadgeeta, as Krishna concludes is this (verse 18.56): “Be doing all work, activities, but finding dependence on the Supreme, one will attain perpetual peace by My blessings.”
Dear daughter, work you already do. I am quite happy. You are also sincere in it. Very good. What work? All work! So make no distinction or discrimination. The only other factor you have to bring about and ensure is to continue doing your work, depending totally upon the Indwelling Presence. The Great Presence is there. How can It be absent? And It is within you too.
What is your complaint then? You are held by It, as the earth and world are. It interpenetrates you, as It does the whole universe and its contents. Where is the question of missing It then?
You are a fool if you lament that your saadhana is not taking place, and work and involvement in it distance and rob you from your Godly pursuit! Yes, a very good fool! I have initiated you. Was it for textual reading and attending classes? I only wanted you to do the saadhana, using your mind, heart, feelings and attitudes.
Feel more and more that you are and will be a seeker, a saadhika. And let everything you do be covered by this attitude and recognition. If the seeker attitude does not come, scriptures are not the answer. The attitudes and aims emerge and proceed from your mind alone. Go into the mind, examine what lurks where, and remove or add to ensure that this one attitude and one aim grip you.
Hand over everything to God. Resign yourself to God. Which God? That which holds the universe, not alone your mustard-measured body and heart! Dear girl, why not take every day 45 minutes and think about this one real Godly dimension? Think of this sky-like presence, which pervades and includes all the planets and heavenly bodies, including this earth, and then your being!
Do not move from your room. Or, if you like, come out to the sit-out and look around, nay up, comprehend the space that surrounds and extends, until your mind becomes one with it, like the mirror reflecting the object in front. Hold the mirror in front of vacant and free space. Then it must be reflecting that spatial dimension indeed.
Will not your mind, which is sentient, unlike the mirror that is inert, also reflect the spatial dimension? Yes, it will. You will begin to feel it yourself.
Chant the mantra as a saadhana. Each chant takes hardly a few seconds. Live dissolving yourself into the mantra and dissolving the mantra into yourself. Nothing more; nothing less, too! Your entire tussle must cease with this, and a new life of promise, confidence and inspiration should start. May it. Let it. It will.
In this mood and message, I do not write anything further about all the rest you have mentioned. Be dear to the Lord. Make the Lord dear too. Let dearness, dependence and the restfulness that follows take care of all the rest.
Do not worry about whatever or whoever has gone. Do not feel burdened with whatever is or comes. Be neutral, a big zero, and then watch for the greatness and ease that will grace your heart and mind wherever you are.
– Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
extract from a correspondence of Poojya Swamiji published in the May 11 issue of Vicharasethu.
(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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