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God is truth Govinda
God is bliss Govinda
God is peace Govinda
God is knowledge Govinda
God is love Govinda
God is light Govinda
Control the mind Govinda
Control the senses Govinda

Realise the Self Govinda
This is the teaching Govinda
Of all the scriptures Govinda

Goal of life Govinda
Is God-realisation Govinda

Practise ahimsa Govinda
Speak the truth Govinda

Serve, love, give Govinda
Be good, do good Govinda
Be cheerful Govinda
Be courageous Govinda
Be patient Govinda
Be forgiving Govinda
Be moderate Govinda
In everything Govinda

Be regular Govinda
Get up at 4 a.m. Govinda
Enquire ‘Who am I?’ Govinda

There is no pleasure Govinda
In the sensual objects Govinda

Study daily Govinda
Gita, Upanishads Govinda

Do not smoke Govinda
Do not drink Govinda

Do not take bribes Govinda
This is bad Govinda

Time is precious Govinda
Do not waste a second Govinda
Utilise it Govinda
In japa, kirtan Govinda
In meditation Govinda
– Swami Sivananda


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