Action in inaction and inaction in activity

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Whoever sees inaction in action and activity in inaction, is verily the wise person. He indeed is the most spiritually integrated. He becomes the all-doer, all-performer.
Bhagavaggeeta 4.18
Krishna uses two words – Action and Inaction – in the fourth chapter of Bhagavadgeeta. When organ or instrument for action is employed and there is a resultant movement it is generally called as action. If one dos not employ these instruments and instead remain inactive he is generally regarded as actionless.
To act in the spiritual sense in not merely to move the instruments of action. The activity should bring about a sense of actorhood. Often limbs of a person, who is fast asleep, move. But he does not feel he has moved his limbs. If there is a sensory activity, but no doership results from it, it is as good as absent. The movement will be like the sleeper’s.
Is such a perception possible? Krishna emphasizes that that alone is the right one – the true spiritual perception. In fact, all the spiritual teachings and efforts are to instill such a non-doer perception in the seeker. Unless this is gained and mastered, spiritual saadhana cannot attain its fruition.
True, everyone has a body. But to have a body is not to be that body. It is merely like living in a house, moving within it. Does the resident of a house think any time that he is the house itself?
Let the body move or not. What of it to the Soul? None of the movements will ever involve the Soul. In fact, this is the only safety factor in creation.
To see inaction in the seeming actions, is in fact to perceive the grand Soul permeating everything and everywhere. If you miss this perception, you miss everything in spiritual in life.
If a train has to run on the rails, the rails will have to be stable and still beneath. So action can only be there visibly, in the sensory level. In the inner level of perception of the Knower, non-action is the Truth.
Spiritual vision is intended to help, facilitate and lighten the sensory life and interaction. The load called agitation, tension and confusion the mind usually brings when senses interact with the world is to be eliminated to make the interaction free, natural and facile. The sole object of spiritual exposition is to ensure this. Do not miss this import.
– Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
An extract from Poojya Swamiji’s book Essential Concepts in Bhagavadgeeta Part 2
(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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