The Nature Of God Siva

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The most important teaching of God Siva is that He has three perfections. He is not only timeless, formless and spaceless. That Absolute Reality, Parasiva, is but one of God Siva’s perfections. He also has an all-pervasive form which flows through all things–Satchidananda. He pervades all form. There is no place that Siva is not. And He has yet another perfection, which is a golden body of light in the Third World, a perfect body in which He is our Lord and Creator, the most wonderful and loving and perfect Being we can imagine. In the temple, when we invoke God Siva, He comes in this golden body of light and blesses the people. He can see you. He can hear your prayers. He has created all the souls on this planet and all other planets in our universe, our holy scriptures tell us. God Siva is in all things and everywhere simultaneously, at every point in time. And yet, Siva as Maheshvara, the Divine Dancer, Nataraja, has a body not unlike yours or mine, a body in which He can talk, a body in which He can think, a body in which He can see you and you can see Him, a body with legs, a body with arms. In this body He dances the eternal dance. I had a vision, once, of Siva Nataraja dancing. I could hear the bells on His ankles. I could see His feet and legs. He is a beautiful dancer, and He dances in the Third World. God Siva is so close to us. He is closer than our breathing, nearer to us than our hands or feet. Yes, He is the very essence of our soul, and yet He has a body just like ours that lives in the Third World. In this body of light He can come into the inner sanctum of the temple, and He can look at us, and we can feel His shakti, His power and presence. He is our great God, the ruler of this universe. Sometimes we hear the misconception that if you worship God Siva He will take everything away from you. That is not true. That is anti-Saivite propaganda. It is not true at all. God Siva gives you everything, because He is the universal God described in the Vedas as the Life of your life. This unfavorable propaganda, which exists primarily in the north of India, but elsewhere, too, postulates that Siva is only Rudra, the Destroyer. It makes people afraid of Siva. There is never a reason to fear Siva. He is a God of love, of compassion for all He has created. Nothing has ever been destroyed by God Siva but that He creates, constantly changes the form of and absorbs back to Himself His creations. For is not the ultimate absorption, after eons of time, the ultimate destruction of what was once created? This is the goal, is it not, for all to merge in oneness with our God Siva? We are not destroyed by doing this. We are fulfilled! He does not take anything away from us, but that which would harm us. God Siva takes from us greed and gives abundance. God Siva takes from us lust and gives contentment. God Siva takes from us anger and gives love. God Siva takes from us jealousy and gives self-confidence and security. God Siva is an ever-fulfilling God.from: Lesson 311 from Living with Siva- By Sathguru Sivaya subramuniya Swami


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