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If the vasanas (tendencies) and the attachment to objects of the world vanish entirely, and if you are in that immovable state, then you have become a jivanmukta (liberated sage). You will abide in your own self. You will rest in that non­-dual, supreme seat. The jnana-vision will arise in you, the light of wisdom will shine unobscured, like the sun in the absence of clouds. You will never be attracted to any worldly objects now. You will be absolutely freed from delusion and sorrow.

You will actually feel that the Self alone pervades and permeates everywhere in the world. You will shine with Brahmic effulgence. You will possess equal­vision and a balanced mind. You will be free from longing for sensual objects because the mind will always remain cool with Brahmic bliss. You will be bathed in the cool ambrosial nectar that dribbles from the contented and quiet mind.

Advanced aspirants should stop all sorts of work and study of religious books, if they want to enter into samadhi quickly. They should observe mouna and remain in a solitary place on the banks of the Ganges, the Yamuna or any other suitable river. They should live on one and a half pints of milk alone, or they should live on milk and fruits alone. They should plunge themselves into samadhi in right earnest.

They should reduce sleep to two or three hours. They should start the practice at the beginning of winter. There is real rest in meditation ­ it is far superior to that rest obtained in deep sleep. Sound sleep for an hour or even half an hour will suffice the man who meditates regularly.

Samadhi, moksa (liberation), turiya (transcendental state), are synonymous terms. Samadhi means super-consciousness. In samadhi the meditator is conscious of his own self. Moksa is freedom from birth and death. It is the attainment of the state of `paramananda’ (supreme bliss). It is freedom from all sorts of pains. Turiya transcends the three states ­ the waking state, the dream state and the deep sleep state ­ and so it is called the fourth state. – Swami Sivananda


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