Wholesome Worship

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When one is able to understand himself as verily unborn, and
all-sustaining, then that very understanding rids him of all delusions. It also
delivers him from all blemishes. While actions are performed by the senses,
mind and intelligence, above and beyond these is the sovereign Spirit, the
Self, unaffected by anything. It is the same truth Krishna spoke in the fifth
chapter of the Bhagavadgeeta (5.8, 9).
The born body and the unborn Self go together, and that is how the whole
vibrant creation with its living and non-living beings subsist.
The apprehension of sin and impurity first transpires by
looking at and identifying with the senses, mind and intelligence. The same identity proves to be a delusion
when the higher contemplation on the Spirit, the beyond, grows to become
wholesome. The first and the second both
take place in the same sentient being.
When thus the source of everything is understood to be the
same Supreme Reality, mind’s faith and restfulness on the Supreme become
easier. The compulsions for the mind to get distracted decrease, and the
affinity and attunement with the Supreme dawn.
That is the state of wholesome worship. In wholesome worship, the mind has to be
wholesomely given to the Supreme. That will be accomplished only when we are
able to take the Supreme as the source, sustenance and dissolution of
“The Supreme is the source of everything, from the
Supreme alone everything and all are activated.
Wise people understand this truth and worship Me, the Supreme, through their
inner wholesome reflection.” (Bhagavadgeeta. 10.8)
This verse is very important and it should guide devotees
and seekers in growing from the `constricted’ representations of God to the
wholesome manifestation. True worship
consists in manana (reflection or rumination). Resting only on the mind, the
worship becomes deep, wholesome and consistent.
It is also self-dependent. Mental
worship has to be in the nature of thoughts, attitudes, memory and feelings.
Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha [This is an extract from Poojya
Swamiji’s article published in the February 2003 issue of Vicharasetu] Narayanashrama
Tapovanam, 2009 http://www.brahmavidya.org


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