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The subtler the element, the more powerful it is. Water is more powerful than earth because it is more subtle. Water removes earth away. Fire is more powerful than water because it is subtler than water. Fire dries up water. Air is more powerful than fire because it is more subtle than fire. Air blows away fire. Akasa (ether) is more powerful than air because it is more subtle than air. Air rests in akasa. Akasa is the support for the air. Air is born of akasa, fire is born of air, water is born of fire, earth is born of water. During the cosmic dissolution, the earth is reduced to or dissolved into water, water into fire, fire into air, and air into akasa.

The barrier that separates man from the supreme soul, is mind. The five subtle elements – earth, water, fire, air, ether – which go to constitute the body of the antahkarana (psyche), are the five robbers who have plundered the jewel of Atman. Akasa is the ring-leader. If you control akasa, if you subdue the ring-leader, the other four elements or robbers will come under your control. If you can control the five elements you can control the mind very easily. The function of akasa is sound. Therefore kirtan helps the aspirant to control the mind easily and thereby attain God-consciousness.

Sound exists in four fundamental states: dense, audible sound – sound at its maximum differentiation; inner, subtle, more ethereal sound – inaudible to the human ear; a higher inner and more ethereal state; the potential state of sound – undifferentiated, the primal substratum of all sounds, the source of the universe.

The mind is purified by constant kirtan (chanting). It is filled with good and pure thoughts. Daily kirtan strengthens good samskaras (habits). The mind of a man who trains himself in thinking good, holy thoughts, develops a tendency to think good thoughts. His character is moulded and transformed by continuous good thoughts.

He who entertains thoughts of divinity becomes transformed actually into divinity himself. His bhava (disposition) is purified and divinised. The meditator and the meditated, the worshipper and the worshipped, the thinker and the thought, become one and the same. This is Samadhi. This is the fruit of kirtan or upasana (adoration).

My dear friends, do sankirtan daily. Disseminate sankirtan bhakti far and wide. Develop vishvaprem (cosmic love) through sankirtan. Realise your sat-chit-ananda state! – Swami Sivananda


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