But what then?

August 25, 2013 Comments Off on But what then?

Questioner:We listen to what you say. You carefully show the triviality and the limitation of thought. We listen, we reflect, and we do come upon a new stillness. Conflict does end. But what then?
Krishnamurti: Why are you asking this?Questioner: You’re asking a blind man why he wants to see. Krishnamurti: The question wasn’t asked as a clever gambit, or in order to point out that a silent mind doesn’t ask anything at all, but to find out whether you are really searching for something transcendental. If you are, what is the motive behind that search-curiosity, an urgency to discover, or the desire to see such beauty as you have never seen before? Isn’t it important for you to find out for yourself whether you are asking for the more, or whether you are trying to see exactly what is? The two are incompatible.


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