A radical change in society

September 8, 2013 Comments Off on A radical change in society

In bringing about a radical change in the human being, in you, you are naturally bringing about a radical change in the structure and the nature of society. I think it must be very clearly understood that the human mind, with all its complexity, its intricate network, is part of this external world. The “you” is the world, and in bringing about a fundamental revolution—neither communist nor socialist, but a totally different kind of revolution, within the very structure and nature of the psyche, of yourself—you will bring about a social revolution. It must begin, not outwardly but inwardly, because the outer is the result of our private, inner life. When there is a radical revolution in the very nature of thought, feeling and action, then obviously there will be a change in the structure of society. – Krishnamurti, Talks with American Students, p 8-9


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