The inward structure of your mind

September 8, 2013 Comments Off on The inward structure of your mind

You may have a separate body, a different face, a different name and family, but the inward structure of your mind is essentially conditioned by society; therefore, you are not an individual. Surely, only the mind that is not bound by the impositions of society, with all the implications involved, can be free to find out that which is true and that which is God. Otherwise, all we do is merely to repeat catastrophe; otherwise, there is no possibility of that revolution which will bring about a totally different kind of world. It seems to me that is the only important thing -not to what society, to what group, to what religion you should or should not belong, which has all become so infantile, immature, but for you to find out for yourself if the mind can be totally free from all the impositions of custom, tradition, and belief, and thereby be free to find out what is true. Then only can we be creative human beings. – Krishnamurti, Amsterdam 1955,Talk 2


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