What I am is the fact

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Any society that does not respond to the new challenge of a group or an individual obviously decays. And it seems to me that if we would create a new world, a new society, we must have a free mind. And that mind cannot come about without real self-knowledge. Do not say, ‘All this has been said by so-and-so in the past. We can never find out the totality of our whole self.’ On the contrary, I think one can. To find out, the mind must surely be in a state in which there is no condemnation. Because what I am is the fact. Whatever I am -jealous, envious, haughty, ambitious, whatever it be -can we not just observe it without condemnation? Because the very process of condemnation is another form of conditioning what is. If one would understand the whole process of the self, there must be no identification, condemnation, or judgment, but an awareness in which there is no choice- just observation. If you attempt it, you will see how extraordinarily difficult it is. Because all our morality, our social and educational training, leads us to compare and to condemn, to judge. And the moment you judge, you have stopped the process of inquiry, insight. Thus, in the process of relationship, one begins to discover what the ways of the self are. – Krishnamurti, Amsterdam 1955,Talk 1


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