Who is the analyzer?

September 9, 2013 Comments Off on Who is the analyzer?

The division between contradiction and complete integration cannot be drawn intellectually, verbally. Integration comes into being only when there is the total understanding of oneself. And that understanding of oneself does not come through analysis because the problem then arises: Who is the analyzer? The analyzer himself is conditioned, obviously, and therefore that which he analyzes is also the result of conditioning. So, what is important is not how to eradicate self-contradiction but to understand the whole process of the conditioning of the mind. That can only be understood in relationship, in our daily life-seeing how the mind reacts, observing, watching, being aware, without condemning. Then you will see how extraordinarily difficult it is to free the mind because the mind assumes so many things; it has deposited so many assertions, values, beliefs. When the mind is constantly aware, without judging, without condemning, without comparing, then such a mind can begin to understand the total process of itself and therefore become still. Only in that stillness of mind can that which is real come into being. – Krishnamurti, Amsterdam,Talk 1


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