Moksha – The way to achieve it

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Moksha literally means liberation, freedom or redemption. The Soul does not need liberation at all! It is unborn, undying and nonacting. Liberation is therefore verily for the mind and intelligence. Many shackles and constrictions victimize the mind, and doubts and ignorance shroud the intelligence. These have to be shed, removed and resolved. When properly treated, the same mind will become radiant, delightful and serene.

Endless world encircles you. It is imposing in every way. But the truth is that the whole world-display is an outcome, your wakefulness brings about, by itself, of itself. Any time for the world to be manifest, you have to be awake, wakeful. Subsequent to wakefulness alone world perception can transpire. When the mind is active, the objects also prevail, with their qualities and effects. If the same mind becomes weak and exhausted, the world also withers off – as in sleep. The seeker has to get established in this experiential truth. The entire objectude is a result and outcome the mind brings about. Mind is not encased in the body. The body is held by the mind. The seeker has to get to this truth, and gain stability in it.

Bondage is but the effect of desires and latent tendencies lying coiled up in the mind. Freedom from these is liberation. To gain liberation, desires have to be attenuated. Throughout our life, it is the mind that holds on to everything including the body, relatives, house and family. This undue hold of the mind is to be dropped.

Yes, possessiveness is the binding factor, and that is the one to be abandoned. For this, right understanding, viveka, alone is the means. When the mind leaves its undue delusion completely, what survives is the Self, the aatmaa.

What is the way for it?

The mind alone gives the world excessive credibility and leads itself with infatuation. As it now thinks of and empowers the world to delude it, let the mind contemplate on the supreme Truth, the singular Self, and dissolve the very same world.

It is the perception of plurality that instils and preserves multiple desires. The singular Self, when contemplated upon consistently, will likewise result in desirefreeness. When this happens, all agitation and torment will cease completely.

Self is nearer the mind than the body and the outer world. Self is mind itself purified. The world is but a reflection on Consciousness. Such a reflectional state is called the mind. When this truth is understood, agitating effects caused by world perception will disappear. Making the mind pure, cultivating sattva, live and move in the world sportfully. Become a great performer, enjoyer, sufferer and experiencer, as Rama did. Be interactional, but remain unruffled. The key to this inner mastery lies in spiritual introspection, vichaara. Ruminate upon the Self, Consciousness, understanding everything as its display.

In everyone lies the potential to employ the mind and intelligence, and take up spiritual introspection. None should plead inability in this at all.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
[An excerpt from Poojya Swamiji’s notes prepared for Gurupoornima retreat that were published in the Oct. 2008 issue of Vicharasethu.]
(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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