The World is in Balance

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Everything in the world is in a balance. There are as many corrupt people, and there are that many honest people. And every corrupt man has equal honesty about it and every honest person has equal corruption about it. Entire universe is in total balance. As much as people are in ecstasy, that much people are in perversion. It can’t be this way and that way. So hating somebody (if) that somebody is wrong, and loving somebody (if) that somebody is right is your just mental disillusion. Everybody’s doing what they are doing. You can never say, “That man is great.” But that man is great because you like him to be great. Or, you like him because what he is doing is great. Maybe somebody else will say, “That man is rotten.” So you can never say that.

Isn’t sometime now that we are teaching ‘Higher Yoga’ rather than ‘Hatha Yoga’ — how to make a posture. So today we are working on the very inner self of us and that is our extension self in our back yard. You know, there is a back yard… little green pasture and few flowers and little storehouse in every house you see. Now every person has a personality. Personality is called ‘A’ and equally with that personality you have a back yard. Everybody has a living room and then on the top, what they call the place where they put things that they don’t bother about? Attic. So we are going to get into attic today. Like it? But I want to warn you. If you don’t want to participate, don’t. Or if you do want to participate, be honest. Because I do not want to open the attic with you… with my understanding… because I love and I trust. That’s my weakness. I don’t want to open up the can of worms and not complete it if in the middle you say, “Well, it’s too hard for me.” All right? If I can work after coming all this time,
after hours and hours of travel, I think you will also participate right. Correct?

Now: “Why I am angry?” That is one question you should ask yourself. YYB youngerou are angry because things somebody didn’t do right. You are angry because you didn’t do things right. You are angry because circumstances were not right. You are angry because you expect too much. And you are angry because you have a false, exaggerated imagination of your personality projection. That’s the scientific reason for anger. Why you should not be angry? Because being angry damages your own health. Why you SHOULD be angry? Because without anger you do not feel satisfied. You become angry to feel satisfied that you have snubbed somebody, you have abused somebody, you are neurotic to somebody or you yelled and screamed to let the steam out, whatever.

But there is a problem whether you are angry or not angry, for all achievements of happiness, in the alley you reserve yourself, and that is anger. They call it very subtle, but it is very sure. For that treatment, people have gone through a lot of changes and there are a lot of excuses for it, but actually that is a part of the thing. Like… there is a problem today in the world. No one knows what to do with nuclear waste. And exactly in our life, nobody knows what to do with mental waste. And this part is what we are tackling. All right?     – Yogi Bhajan,  2/7/1990


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