To live is to be related

September 16, 2013 Comments Off on To live is to be related

The understanding of oneself does not come through the process of  withdrawal from society or through retirement into an ivory tower. If you  and I really go into the matter carefully and intelligently, we will see  that we can understand ourselves only in relationship and not in isolation.  Nobody can live in isolation. To live is to be related. It is only in the  mirror of relationship that I understand myself, which means that I must be  extraordinarily alert in my thoughts, feelings, and actions in  relationship. This is not a difficult process or a superhuman endeavour;  and as with all rivers, while the source is hardly perceptible, the waters  gather momentum as they move, as they deepen. In this mad and chaotic  world, if you go into this process advisedly, with care, with patience,  without condemning, you will see how it begins to gather momentum and that  it is not a matter of time.   – Krishnamurti, The Collected Works vol VI,  pp 37-8


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