pupil must create his own knowledge.

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The teacher, however great, can never give his knowledge to the pupil; the
pupil must create his own knowledge.

Bowl of Saki, September 19, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

The work of a mystical teacher is not to teach, but to tune, to tune the
pupil so that he may become the instrument of God. For the mystical teacher
is not the player of the instrument; he is the tuner. When he has tuned it,
he gives it into the hands of the Player whose instrument it is to play.
The duty of the mystical teacher is his service as a tuner.


The task of the Sufi teacher is not to force a belief on a mureed, but to
train him so that he may become illuminated enough to receive revelations


Truth by its very nature cannot be uttered, cannot be given. One cannot
give that which cannot be put into speech. So the teacher gives a method
for finding the truth, for unfolding it, for unlocking that which seems to
be in one’s heart. … It is clearly impossible for anyone to impart his
knowledge to another person; he can only show him how to unfold his own
knowledge to himself. Everybody possesses a kingdom, but he has to find it.


There is only one teacher, and that teacher is God Himself. No man can
teach another man. All one can do for another is to give him one’s own
experience in order to help him to be successful. For instance if a person
happens to know a road, he can tell another man that it is the road which
leads to the place he wishes to find. The work of the spiritual teacher is
like the work of Cupid. The work of Cupid is to bring two souls together.
And so is the work of the spiritual teacher: to bring together the soul and

But what is taught to the one who seeks after truth? Nothing is taught. He
is only shown how he should learn from God. For no man can ever teach
spirituality. It is God alone who teaches it. And how is it learned? When
these ears which are open outwardly are closed to the outside world and
focused upon the heart within, then instead of hearing all that comes from
the outer life one begins to hear the words within. Thus if one were to
define what meditation is, that also is an attitude: the right attitude
towards God. The attitude should first be to seek God within. And, after
seeking God within, then to see God outside.



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