Relationship is the mirror

September 21, 2013 Comments Off on Relationship is the mirror

Relationship is the mirror in which we can see ourselves as we are. All  life is a movement in relationship. There is no living thing on earth which  is not related to  something or other. Even the hermit, a man who goes off  to a lonely spot, is related to the past, is related to those who are  around him. There is no escape from  relationship. In that relationship  which is the mirror in which we can see ourselves, we can discover what we  are, our reactions, our prejudices, our fears,  depression, anxieties,  loneliness, sorrow, pain, grief. We can also discover whether we love or  there is no such thing as love. So we will examine the question of   relationship because that is the basis of love.  – Krishnamurti, Mind  Without Measure p 79


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