Self-knowledge through relationship

September 21, 2013 Comments Off on Self-knowledge through relationship

Self-knowledge is not according to any formula. You may go to a  psychologist or a psychoanalyst to find out about yourself, but that is not  self-knowledge. Self-knowledge comes into being when we are aware of  ourselves in relationship, which shows what we are from moment to moment.  Relationship is a mirror in which to see ourselves as we actually are. But  most of us are incapable of looking at ourselves as we are in relationship,  because we immediately begin to condemn or justify what we see. We judge,  we evaluate, we compare, we deny or accept, but we never observe actually  ‘what is’, and for most people this seems to be the most difficult thing to  do; yet this alone is the beginning of self-knowledge.  – Krishnamurti, The  Collected Works vol IX p 137


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