Watching yourself

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After all, to know yourself is to watch your behaviour, your words, what  you do in your everyday relationships, that is all. Begin with that and you  will see how extraordinarily difficult it is to be aware, just to watch the  manner of your behaviour, the words you use to your servant, to your boss,  the attitude you have with regard to people, to ideas and to things. Just  watch your thoughts, your motives in the mirror of relationship, and you  will see that the moment you watch you want to correct; you say, “This is  good, this is bad, I must do this and not that.” When you see yourself in  the mirror of relationship, your approach is one of condemnation or  justification; therefore you distort what you see. Whereas, if you simply  observe in that mirror your attitude with regard to people, to ideas and to  things, if you just see the fact without judgement, without condemnation or  acceptance, then you will find that that very perception has its own  action. That is the beginning of self-knowledge. – Krishnamurti, The  Collected Works vol VI p 307


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