Devotion helps you to be joyful on your own

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Devotion is generally understood as a religious attitude towards God. In philosophical terms, it is regarded as a spiritual note or current centred on the individual. You can make devotion as powerful as you want. For that you must understand what devotion is, and also what the ‘power and potential’ of devotion is. You have to comprehend its magnitude and dimension.
Generally, where is the focus of your devotion? It is only in offering a few prayers to God: “My dear God, my son should have a good employment; my daughter should be married well; my mother should be happy; I must get a house; so and so is sick, and I shall perform a special pooja – please make him well again!” These are all very, very petty needs; even without your asking, these things will be looked after!
But devotion is a feeling your mind generates. It may be addressed to God; but devotion itself is a creation of your mind. When does the mind become devotional? It is when the mind starts thinking about God. Though devotion pertains to God, devotion does not belong to God. It belongs to you, to your mind alone. This aspect you should understand very well. Devotion is a virtue or a quality or a product of the mind. Because it is a product of the mind, your mind has the capacity to make it the way you want.
As you grow in devotion, you must be able to make your reliance more and more wholesome. But generally, devotees do not understand this, and hence their devotion does not evolve. Their devotion does not progress at all. They will say: “God will do everything.” But, the faith that “God will do” should become your nourishment for increased reliance. That does not happen.
You are relying upon God. Is your God ‘small’ or ‘big’? Is He not someone very great? It is from this God that the whole world has come. Then, will He not be able to give you whatever is good and auspicious for you? But do you have that devotional trust in Him?
It is not that a devotee is deprived of anything that the so-called worldly people get. But there is a difference – he gets that feeling of satisfaction and joy without the help of the worldly objects!
Do you understand this? Suppose you have a husband. What will you get from him? May be some joy, a sense of security and some companionship. Now, joy and security – are these not mental? So too is companionship. When you practise devotion, that devotional mind will make you so contented, fear-free and so full that you will not need anything else!
The secret is that mind is the source of all these experiences. Any joy that you experience – is it not generated in your mind? All emotions are created by the mind. By practising devotion, all required emotions start getting generated in the mind, by the mind itself. Normally, you are dependent on outside things for these emotions. Devotion helps you to be joyful on your own. To be contented all that you have to do is to think of God, and only God.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
(Extract from the book “Garland of three Jewels” by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha)
(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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