Will power is the keynote of mastery

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Will power is the keynote of mastery, and asceticism is the development of
will power.

Bowl of Saki, September 21, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

The first exercise to help the will power to develop would be to check
every act, word, and thought which we do not wish to occur; to avoid
unintentional actions, speech, and thoughts. The other exercise that is
necessary for the development of the will power is that of seeing that
neither our mind nor our body rules us, but that we rule our body and our
mind. Desires such as appetite, thirst, sleep, even the desire of moving or
standing or walking, all these desires should be under control. There
should be a time in every day when every desire of the body is checked. See
if you can do it; and then as long as you can let the body go without
listening to it, do so.


A person might ask, ‘Is, then, the secret of happiness in the way of the
ascetics, in tormenting and torturing oneself as they have done for ages?’
Even that does not give happiness. It is only a distraction from the
worldly pleasures which produce illusion. The ascetic shuts himself up in
order to have an opportunity of taking another direction. … For even
asceticism is not a happiness. It is only a means of self-discipline.


The nature of the mind is such that it creates a thought and throws it over
for another thought to take its place. This being the nature of the mind,
it makes it difficult for one to concentrate upon one object steadily. The
mind of an average person may be pictured as an unruly horse that jumps and
kicks and throws anyone that tries to ride it. Masters of the world are
those who have mastered themselves, and mastery lies in the control of the
mind. If the mind became your obedient servant, the whole world is at your
service. The king of mind is greater than the king of a nation.

~~~ “Githa II, ‘Amaliyyat 1”, by Hazrat Inayat Khan (unpublished)

The fasting and abstinence and all these things were taught in order to
develop the will power, which results in self-discipline and which is the
secret of all mastery; and it is by this power that the kingdom within is



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