Renunciation is always for a purpose

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Renunciation is always for a purpose; it is to kindle the soul that nothing
may hold it back from God, but when it is kindled, the life of renunciation
is not necessary.

Bowl of Saki, October 3, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

Renunciation has an automatic action on the heart of man, an action which
very few realize because very few arrive at that stage where they can
renounce. By this action a spiritual spark is kindled in the soul; and when
a person has arrived at that stage he has taken the first step on the path
of spirituality. The spark produced by this action in the depths of the
heart culminates in a flame, a torch in life; and this changes the whole
outlook on life. The whole world seems changed, the same world in which one
has lived and suffered and enjoyed and learned and unlearned — everything
appears to change once renunciation is learned. … He alone is capable of
renunciation who finds a greater satisfaction in seeing another eat his
piece of bread than in eating it himself.

Only he whose heart is full of happiness after an act of renunciation
should make a renunciation. This shows that renunciation is not something
that can be learned or taught. It comes by itself as the soul develops,
when the soul begins to see the true value of things. All that is valuable
to others a seer begins to see differently. Thus the value of all the
things that we consider precious or not precious, is according to the way
we look at them. For one person the renunciation of a penny is too much;
for another that of everything he possesses is nothing. It depends on how
we look at things. One rises above all that one renounces in life. Man
remains the slave of anything which he has not renounced; of that which he
has renounced he becomes king. This whole world can become a kingdom to a
person who has renounced it. Renunciation depends upon the evolution of the
soul. One who has not evolved spiritually cannot really renounce. Toys so
precious to children mean nothing to the grown-up; it is
easy to renounce
them; and so it is for those who develop spiritually; for them all things
are easy to renounce.

Be obstinate in the path of success. Nothing should keep you back from your
effort when your resolution is once taken. Renounce your object of
attainment only when you have reached it and you have a better one in view.
But when you have attained the object and you cling to it, then you hinder
your own progress, for the object is greater than yourself. You are greater
than the object when you are able to renounce it after attaining it.

~~~ “Githa I, 3 – The Path of Attainment”, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Some lead the life of renunciation, others have family, friends and all
things, because renunciation is always for a purpose. It is to kindle the
soul, that there may be nothing to hold the soul back from God, but when
the soul is kindled the life of renunciation is not a necessity.

~~~ “Supplementary Papers, Life of the Sage in the East(1)”, by Hazrat
Inayat Khan (unpublished)

It is as  Fariduddin Attar, the great Persian poet, says, ‘Renounce the
good of the world, renounce the good of heaven, renounce your highest
ideal, and then renounce your renunciation.’


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