The tremendous need for attachment

October 7, 2013 Comments Off on The tremendous need for attachment

Our relationship is possessiveness, attachment, various forms of intrusion  upon each other.
What is attachment? Why do we have such tremendous need for attachment?  What are the implications of attachment? Why is one attached? When you are  attached to anything, there is always fear in it, fear of losing it. There  is always a sense of insecurity. Please observe it for yourself. There is  always a sense of separation. I am attached to my wife. I am attached to  her because she gives me pleasure sexually, gives me pleasure as a  companion; you know all this without my telling you. So I am attached to  her, which means I am jealous, frightened. Where there is jealousy, there  is hatred. And is attachment love? That is one point to note in our  relationships.  – Krishnamurti, Mind Without Measure, pp 80-81


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