To go far you must begin very near

October 7, 2013 Comments Off on To go far you must begin very near

Surely, to go far, you must begin very near, but to begin near is very  difficult for most of us because we want to escape from “what is”, from the  fact of what we are. Without understanding ourselves, we cannot go far, and  we are in constant relationship; there is no existence at all without  relationship. So relationship is the immediate, and to go beyond the  immediate, there must be the understanding of relationship. But we would  much rather examine that which is very far away, that which we call God or  truth, than bring about a fundamental revolution in our relationship, and  this escape to God or to truth is utterly fictitious, unreal. Relationship  is the only thing we have, and without understanding that relationship we  can never find out what reality is or God is. So, to bring about a complete  change in the social structure, in society, the individual must cleanse his  relationship, and the cleansing of relationship is the beginning of his own  transformation.  – Krishnamurti, The Collected Works vol VI pp 137


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