Wisdom can only be learned gradually,

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Wisdom can only be learned gradually, and every soul is not ready to
receive or to understand the complexity of the purpose of life.

Bowl of Saki, October 6, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

Man likes complexity. He does not want to take only one step; it is more
interesting to look forward to millions of steps. The man who is seeking
the truth gets into a maze, and that maze interests him. He wants to go
through it a thousand times more. It is just like children. Their whole
interest is in running about; they do not want to see the door and go in
until they are very tired. So it is with adults. They all say that they are
seeking truth, but they like the maze. That is why the mystics made the
greatest truths a mystery, to be given only to the few who were ready for
them, letting the others play because it was the time for them to play.


Truth is simple. But for the very reason that it is simple, people will not
take it; because our life on earth is such that for everything we value, we
have to pay a great price and one wonders, if truth is the most precious of
all things, then how can truth be attained simply? It is this illusion that
makes everyone deny simple truth and seek for complexity. Tell people about
something that makes their heads whirl round and round and round. Even if
they do not understand it, they are most pleased to think, ‘It is something
substantial. It is something solid. For, it is an idea we cannot
understand, it must be something lofty.’ But something which every soul
knows, proving what is divine in every soul, and which it cannot help but
know, that appears to be too cheap, for the soul already knows it. There
are two things: knowing and being. It is easy to know truth, but most
difficult to be truth. It is not in knowing truth that life’s purpose is
accomplished; life’s purpose is accomplished in being truth.



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