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Your inner body is not solid but spacious.

It is not your physical form but the life that animates the physical form.

It is the intelligence that created and sustains the body,
simultaneously coordinating hundreds of different functions of such
extraordinary complexity that the human mind can only understand a
tiny fraction of it.

When you become aware of it, what is really happening is that the
intelligence is becoming aware of itself. It is the elusive “life”
that no scientist has ever found because the consciousness that is
looking for it is it.

Physicists have discovered that the apparent solidity of matter is an
illusion created by our senses. this includes the physical body, which
we perceive and think of as form, but 99.99% of which is actually
empty space.

This is how vast the space is between the atoms compared to their size,and
there is as much space again within each atom.

The physical body is no more than a misperception of who you are.

In many ways, it is a microcosmic version of outer space.

To give you an idea of how vast the space ins between celestial
bodies, consider this:

light traveling at a constant speed of 186,000 miles (300,000
kilometers) per second takes just over one second to travel between
the earth and the moon;

light from the sun takes about eight minutes to reach the earth.

Light from our nearest neighbor in space, a star called Proxima
Centauri, which is the sun that is closest to our own sun, travels for
4.5 years before it reaches the earth.

This is how vast the space is that surrounds us.

And then there is the intergalactic space, whose vastness defies all

Light from the galaxy closest to our own, the Andromeda Galaxy, takes
2.4 million years to reach us.

Isn’t it amazing that your body is just as spacious as the universe?

So your physical body, which is form reveals itself as essentially
formless when you go deeper into it. It becomes a door way into inner

Although inner space has no form, it is intensely alive.

That “empty space” is life in its fullness, the unmanifested Source
out of which all manifestation flows.

The traditional word for that Source is God.

Thoughts and words belong to the world of form; they cannot express
the formless.

So when you say, “I can feel my inner body” that is a misperception
created by thought.

What is really happening is that the consciousness that appears as the
body – the consciousness that I Am – is becoming conscious of itself.

When I no longer confuse who I am with a temporary form of “me,” then
the dimension of the limitless and the eternal – God can express
itself through “me” and guide “me.” it also fees me from dependency on

However, a purely intellectual recognition or belief “I am not this
form” does not help.

The all important question is: At this moment, can I sense the
presence of inner space, which really means, can I sense my own
Presence, or rather, the Presence that I Am?

Or we an approach this truth sing a different pointer.

Ask yourself, “Am I aware not only of what is happening at this
moment, but also of the Now itself as the living timeless inner space
in which everything happens?”

Although this question seems to have nothing to do with the inner
body, you may be surprised that by becoming aware of the space of Now,
you suddenly
feel more alive inside.

You are feeling the aliveness of the inner boy – the aliveness that is
an intrinsic part of th joy of Being.

We have to enter the body to go beyond it and find out that we are not that.

As much as possible in everyday life, use awareness of the inner body
to create space.

When waiting, when listening to someone, when pausing to look at the
sky, a tree, a flower, your partner, or child, feel the aliveness
within at the same time.

This means part of your attention or consciousness remains formless,
an the rest is available for the outer world of form.

Whenever you “inhabit” your body in this way, it serves as an anchor
for staying present in the Now.

It prevents you from losing yourself in thinking, in emotions, or in
external situations.

When you think, feel, perceive, and experience, consciousness is born
into form.

It is reincarnating into a thought, a feeling, a sense perception,an

The cycle of rebirths that Buddhists hope to get out of eventually is
happening continuously, and it is only at this moment – through the
power of Now – that you can get out of it.

Through complete acceptance of the form of Now, you become internally
aligned with space, which is the essence of Now.

Through acceptance, you become spacious inside.

Aligned with space instead of form: That brings true perspective and
balance into your life.



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