The Power is Within You

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Your mind is something very great and supreme in the whole creation. When I thus explain the intricacies of the mind, will all of you come along with me? Some of you may wonder or argue: “What is there to speak so much about the mind? We all have the mind. We are aware of it. We are all dealing with the mind everyday. Is it not a common product?” My answer will be: If there is something to be spoken about repeatedly, it can only be about the mind! Nothing else!

I was speaking about Krishna extolling the potentials of the mind. How to discover the dimension of the mind? Krishna says:

Srimad Bhaagavatam 11.7.21

In this very human life, the wise ones, adept in Sankhya yoga (the science of analyzing our real Identity), discover the all-powerful universal dimension within.

By taking recourse to Sankhya, through principles of reasoning and analysis, the intelligent people understand that what is present inside the body is infinitely extensive. My dear souls, understand the dearness and closeness of this subject. I am speaking about your own mind — nothing else. Krishna says here that its dimension is infinite! And, he further says that this conclusion is based on “reasoning”!

You have a pair of small biological eyes. Using these eyes, you are able to see a mustard; you can also see a mountain. You see the endless, extensive sea and finally the unbounded universe. In the matter of perceiving, eyes are only instrumental. It is the mind that perceives, and the seen magnitude also is imprinted in the mind. If the infinite impression can be imprinted within you, tell me, is your mind circumscribed by the body or is it infinite?

When you thus understand the real might and majesty of your mind, you will be able to elevate your mind from its present state to a much higher pedestal. Krishna says:

Bhagavadgeeta 6.5

Elevate yourself by your own intrinsic power. Never enervate or degrade yourself. One’s self alone is one’s friend, and equally so one’s enemy.

Using your intelligence, evaluate your aspirations, your goals. Reform and refine your mind, making it as powerful as you want. That power is within you. You have been accustomed to use it only for conventional purposes. But now you know that your mind is very great and that you don’t have to look to anything else at all.

Treating the mind consists of incorporating desirable virtues and eliminating undesirable notes. How to do so? The very feeling that something is good will help you cultivate it. Evaluate a virtue and understand its beneficial effects. Recognize its enriching and elevating results. This contemplation will make you absorb that virtue. I always say: if you are able to spend 50 mind-hours on a quality, that quality will become yours.

Similarly, understanding that something is harmful will make you drop it. Suppose you are given a cup of tea, and when you are about to sip it, a person rushes in to warn you: “Don’t drink it. There is poison in it.” What will you do? This is how you have to be sensitive towards the undesirable qualities in the mind also.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha (Extract from the book “Garland of three Jewels” by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha)


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