Ending conflict in all our relationships

October 15, 2013 Comments Off on Ending conflict in all our relationships

So our first demand is whether it is possible to end conflict in all our  relationships—at home, in the office, in every area of our life—to put an  end to conflict. This does not mean that we retire in isolation, become a  monk, or withdraw into some corner of our own imagination and fancy; it  means living in this world to understand conflict. Because, as long as  there is conflict of any kind, naturally our minds, hearts, brains, cannot  function to their highest capacity. They can only function fully when there  is no friction, when there is clarity. And there is clarity only when mind  that is the totality—which is the physical organism, the brain cells, and  the total thing which is called the mind—is in a state of non-conflict,  when it functions without any friction; only then is it possible to have  peace. – Krishnamurti, The Collected Works vol XVI, p 4


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