How can we spread harmony?

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When in ourselves there is inharmony, how can we spread harmony?

Bowl of Saki, October 13, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

It is harmony which makes beauty; beauty in itself has no meaning. An
object which is called beautiful at a certain place and time is not
beautiful at another place or another time. And so it is with thought,
speech and action: that which is called beautiful is only so at a certain
time and under certain conditions which make it beautiful. So if one can
give a true definition of beauty, it is harmony.  …

The teaching of Christ, ‘Resist not evil,’ is a hint not to respond to
inharmony. For instance, a word of kindness, of sympathy, an action of love
and affection finds response, but a word of insult, an action of revolt or
of hatred creates a response too, and that response creates more inharmony
in the world. By giving way to inharmony one allows inharmony to multiply.
At this time one sees in the world the greatest unrest and discomfort
pervading all over. Where does it come from? It seems to come from
ignorance of this fact that inharmony creates inharmony and will multiply

The wise in all ages have dived deep into life in order to attain unity in
themselves, and in order to spread unity. In the life of the world every
man has some complaint to make. He lacks something; he is troubled by
something. But this is only the external reason; the real truth is that he
is not in unity with his own soul, for when there is disharmony in
ourselves how can we spread harmony? When mind and body are at war the soul
wants something else, and soul and mind are pulled by the body, or the body
and mind by the soul; and so there is disharmony. When a man is in harmony
with himself, he is in harmony with all; he produces harmony and gives
harmony to all, he gives it out all the time.


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