If you seek the good in every soul

October 15, 2013 Comments Off on If you seek the good in every soul

If you seek the good in every soul, you will always find it, for God is in
all things; still more He is in all beings.

Bowl of Saki, October 10, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

We must learn to see the beauty, it is not everyone who sees it, often the
critical spirit is occupied in gazing at the object which lacks beauty, the
more you look for beauty, the more you see it as a whole. It is seeing the
vision in part that deludes, you look at the side of a man’s nature that
may not be attractive, but if you will seek for good in everything, you
will always find it, for God is in all things, and still more He is in all


One day I was walking in a city and met a dervish with a wonderful
personality. He was dressed in a patched robe, but his speech, his voice,
his thought, his movement, his atmosphere, were all most winning. At that
time I was very young in the pursuit of philosophy. Youth is a time when
pride has full play. So as we were walking along, and he called me
‘Murshid’, I was very glad. He addressed me as Murshid every time he spoke
to me! Presently we met another person, who seemed to be without any
education, without any knowledge of philosophy or religion or anything out
of the way, but he called him ‘Murshid’ too. My pride was hurt, especially
when next he came across a policeman whom he also called ‘Murshid’. So then
I asked my teacher what could be the meaning of all this, and he said,
‘Your dervish showed you the first step towards recognizing God: to
recognize all beings as your teacher. A foolish person can teach you, a
wise person, a learned person, a student, a pious or wicked person, even a
little child; everyone can teach you something. Therefore have this
attitude towards everybody, then it may be said that you recognize God.’



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