It is not an individual thinking

October 15, 2013 Comments Off on It is not an individual thinking

Your consciousness is not yours any more than your thinking. It is not an  individual thinking. Thinking is common, is general, from the poorest man,  the most uneducated, unsophisticated man in a little, tiny village to the  most sophisticated brain—the great scientists; they all think. The thinking  may be more complex, but thinking is general, shared by all human beings.  Therefore, it is not your individual thinking. This is rather difficult to  see and to recognize the truth of it, because we are so conditioned as  individuals. All your religious books, whether Christian or Muslim or  another, all sustain and nourish this idea, this concept of an individual.  You have to question that. You have to find out the truth of the matter. –  Krishnamurti, Mind Without Measure,  p 37


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