The illusion of being different

October 15, 2013 Comments Off on The illusion of being different

A human being psychologically is the whole of mankind. He not only  represents it but he is the whole of the human species. He is essentially  the whole psyche of mankind. On this actuality various cultures have  imposed the illusion that each human being is different. In this illusion  mankind has been caught for centuries, and this illusion has become a  reality. If one observes closely the whole psychological structure of  oneself, one will find that as one suffers, so all mankind suffers in  various degrees. If you are lonely, the whole humankind knows this  loneliness. Agony, jealousy, envy, and fear are known to all. So  psychologically, inwardly, one is like another human being. There may be  differences physically, biologically. One is tall or short and so on, but  basically one is the representative of all mankind. So psychologically you  are the world; you are responsible for the whole of mankind, not for  yourself as a separate human being, which is a psychological illusion… If  one grasps the full significance of the fact that one is psychologically  the world, then responsibility becomes overpowering love. – Krishnamurti,  Letters to the Schools vol I,  p 20


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