The knowledge of God

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The knowledge of God is beyond man’s reason; the secret of God is hidden in
the knowledge of unity.

Bowl of Saki, October 11, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

The knowledge of God is beyond man’s reason. Man only perceives things he
is capable of perceiving. He cannot raise his imagination above what he is
used to, and he cannot reach beyond his imagination to where the being of
God is. The secret of God is hidden in the knowledge of unity. Man thinks,
‘What can unity give me? Can it bring me happiness? What is there in it?’
He can get the answer by observing and studying life more closely. See what
an atmosphere the harmony of ten people can create; the power of love and
the influence created by ten people is much greater than that created by
one. Think then what would be the blessing for humanity if nations, races,
and communities were united!

The pairs of opposites keep us in an illusion and make us think, ‘This is
this, and that is that’. At the same time by throwing a greater light upon
things we shall find in the end that they are quite different from what we
had thought. Seeing the nature and character of life, the Sufi says that it
is not very important to distinguish between two opposites. What is most
important is to recognize that One which is hiding behind it all. Naturally
after realizing life the Sufi climbs the ladder which leads him to unity,
to the idea of unity which comes through the synthesis of life, by seeing
One in all things, in all beings.


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